What do you think about this story?

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What do you think about this story? Empty What do you think about this story?

Post by April on Tue Dec 29, 2009 9:01 am

Mine.. its mine, its my story bwahahahaha!

Story 1:

"Oh Katie, I miss you so much, why did you leave me? Remember the times where we get ice-cream here and.. and..". Sykeria sobbed and cried.
"Sykeria, please.. your making your self more and more sad. I'm here now and things are going to be alright". Katie replied. A sparkling tear drop trickled down her face. Katie was killed. She got ran over by a bus. Katie was best guy friend with Sykeria. Katie remembered all those good times.
"Katie! Please don't leave.. I feel half my soul is long gone since you were dead". Sykeria cried. It was raining, raining hard.
"Now now, I've only got 10 minutes before leaving here and going to the light". Katie said wisely. "Easy for you to say, now I have no friends"! Sykeria said. "You have Matt.. Try to know him a bit better and you'll soon forget me". Katie whispered. "Oh Katie"! Sykeria felt only a little bit better and hugged Katie.
"Sykeria.. I'm sorry, I've got to go.. I'll never forget you. You'll be my best friend for ever". Katie hugged Sykeria and headed towards the light..

3 years passed on and Katie was right, Sykeria is best friends with Matt. He was happy he chose this life. Since then.. he never forgot Katie, her very best friend..


Continuing story [Story 2]..

"Eileen, tell me right now! It seems like the whole gang is keeping secrets from me". Zork, the [virtual pet site name]'s hero.
"But..-". Eileen said nervously. "But nothing, tell me now"! Snapped Zork. With a sigh, Eileen told him everything. "Zork, this is a serious matter, we've used the Tracking Device 3000 and it has found.. Juggorith. He has some how magically turned into a.. a.. swamp monster. He has multiple super powers like ; Speed, stronger and more smarter. Juggorith has also created more than 1000 armies full of swamp monsters. Zork, The Gang knows you defeated Juggorith but this time it is quite impossible for six people fighting 1000 and more armies and its leader". Zork was horrified, mixed with a feeling with anger and a little bit of a confusing feeling.
He doesn't know what to feel. Zork's parents were killed in the time 2010, leaving him and his lost brother, Zachary. With a war with Juggorith, his father, Hectos, died, trying to defeat Juggorith. Hectos was 5 minutes late.. leaving Juggorith the key to the 3 elements; Water, fire and earth.
The elements were very important to the world, [virtual pet site name]. No one knows why except the King Henry. It was confirmed confidential.
"I'm sorry Zork". Eileen walked out of the lab. Zork just sat there, thinking.


The T.S.F.E head leader, otherwise know has; To Smart For Everything.
Eileen has the highest IQ out of all [virtual pet site name] citizens. Eillen's IQ is 240.
Eileen's all time favorite slogan is; Nothing's impossible. Keep thinking.
Eileen's dream job is to be a famous scientist around the world except she works for Zorx and 'The Gang'.


Known as a superhero, he defeated Juggorith.
The King rewarded him with 1000000[virtual pet site currency] along with a trophy for his bravery.
Zorx is not as smart as Eileen but he has great mechanical and technologic skills. He even created the secret lab himself!
Zorx's dream job would be whatever his parents want him to be. Sadly he didn't know because his parents are long dead.


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